Look for things you’ve wanted to do outside, but didn’t have the time.

If you and your family are looking for things to do outside of the home, our Kane County forest preserves are currently open. Of course, you can always find fun things to do right in your own backyard, too! We encourage the community to go for a walk in the preserves, but most importantly, to use social distancing (six feet from each other) and good hygiene during this time.

Below are some suggestions on what activities you can do either in your own backyard, or out and about somewhere in nature.

  1. Build a “fort” outside with sticks or anything you can find in your yard.
  2. Go on a scavenger hunt at a preserve and see what items you can find. (Pine cones; skunk cabbage; maple trees; animal tracks, etc.)
  3. Construct a butterfly house.
  4. Start planning the native plants you want for your yard. *Note: You can order native plants from the Forest Preserve District online at: Native Plant Sale Order Form
  5. Bring your art supplies outside and make a painting.
  6. Measure trees and find the tallest one. *Note: We offer Tree Identification as well as the “Big Tree Program” nature programs that you can attend in the future. See our TreeLine Newsletter for upcoming events: The TreeLine Newsletter
  7. Blow bubbles and chase after them outside.
  8. Create a nature mask craft by using nature items you find in your backyard. (Feathers, leaves, seeds, etc.)
  9. Paint rocks (smooth stones) that you find.
  10. Go on a nature hike/walk as a family.
  11. Is it raining out? Put on your boots and jump in puddles.
  12. Draw with chalk on the driveway and sidewalk.
  13. Play classic outdoor games such as “Red Light, Green Light;” “Tag;” “Red Rover;” etc.
  14. Make homemade play-dough and play with it outside. Bonus: It’s less messy this way! Here’s a recipe: Homemade Play-dough Recipe
  15. Grab a good book and read under a tree.
  16. Take your phone or camera with you and play “photographer” and get some neat photos.
  17. Search for bugs.
  18. Make mud pies.
  19. Find what flowers are starting to surface.
  20. Sit on a bench and relax.

Do you have other fun outdoor activities that you could add to this list? Comment below! We’d love to hear your suggestions.

(Please be respectful of others on the trails and in the preserves, and exercise all guidelines that have been set forth by the CDC.)

Big Sky - LeRoy OakesPhoto by Naturalist Josh Libman