Rusty Rodeo

Rusty Rodeo_Logo_2019


There’s an underwater invader in our local streams and rivers- and we want you to help us find them! Our culprit: The Rusty Crayfish. This tiny aquatic creature is considered an invasive species (non- native) and can negatively affect the health of an ecosystem if they are left unchecked. Are you ready to wrangle some of these creatures in? Will it be you that finds the biggest, longest, or most wanted of these Varmints? Join us and find out as we scour the common habitats of these wanted creatures at The Rusty Rodeo!

The rodeo will take place at Glenwood Park Forest Preserve, 1644 S River St. Participants are encouraged to wear closed-toed shoes and clothes that can get muddy and wet as much of our exploration will be done in the water! In addition to removing the crayfish, there will be music, and prizes for those who find crayfish within the winning categories. Sound like a good time? We’d love to see you there! The event will run from 11am-1pm and admission is FREE!

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