Summer Plans!

It’s summertime, which means school is out and kids are looking for fun activities to do. We have some ideas for your kids!

*Pioneer Hikes: Meet the naturalists at Creek Bend Nature Center for these afternoon hikes. Each walk will conclude at the Durant House, where weekly activities will take place.

*Family Fun Nights: Shake up your nightly routine this summer. Join us for a sunset hike and an easy craft. We’ll round out the night relaxing under the stars with an outdoor movie and popcorn.

*Firefly Fireworks: Explore the fascinating world of blinking bugs. This popular evening program begins with a walk and talk at dusk. We’ll watch the woods and prairie light up with thousands of flashing fireflies.

*Bat Watch: The fun starts at dusk! During this program, we’ll find bats using our “bat detector” which picks up bats’ “clicks” used in echolocation. We’ll also play some bat games.

*Miniature Nature Masks: In this nature inspired class, artist Greta Bell will lead a walk to find materials that you will use to create your own mask. Step away from your everyday worries and take notice of the beautiful world around us.

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