All about prescribed burns

We had some great weather in February this year, which led to early prescribed burns.

Each spring and fall, the Forest Preserve District conducts prescribed burns across prairies, woodlands and wetlands in an effort to improve or maintain the ecological health of a site.

Why conduct prescribed burns?

These carefully controlled burns release nutrients from burned plant materials, encourage seed growth, and open the woodland floor to sunlight so native wildflowers and plants can flourish. Prescribed burns also reduce the abundance of non-native brush such as buckthorn.

Before a controlled burn, trained staff survey the preserve and create a detailed plan of action. They monitor the weather and wait until conditions are right to minimize the chance of smoke blowing toward homes and roads. Residents are also notified via mail, on our Web site and on social media.

For more information on prescribed burns, call 630-232-5980.

Here are photos from Senior Ranger Mandy Morgan, from a recent prescribed burn: